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Whereas an expository essay is about just telling people the facts of the subject, the persuasive essay is intended to make people A persuasive essay is the main form of writing that you can use to convince other people that your view of an issue is the right one.

Below, you can see how arguments based on logos and pathos would look regarding two current political issues.

Politics especially relies on pathos because this is a good way to get people riled up and ready for action, which of course is what politics is all about.

When you are writing a persuasive essay, you may not be able to consciously include ethos in the document itself.

This is because ethos doesn’t deal with the writing itself, but rather with your social reputation.

This is a way of communicating to the reader that the author is not just some random guy off the street, but rather someone who has spent a lot of time exploring his subject and thus has authoritative knowledge of that subject.

This would enhance the author's ethos in the eyes of the readers, and they would be more likely to listen to him and take him seriously.

This is why if a book is about health, then the author may include the credential "M.

D." next to his name on the cover (and if the book is about politics, then he might include (Ph D).

It should go without saying that if you want people to accept your argument, then you should pay careful attention to the question of whether your argument does in fact make sense. Here are some of them: The rules of logic are objective, meaning that they are clearly there whether you like them or not.

And if you fail to follow the rules of logic, your argument will not make sense. Since most people try not to believe in an argument that doesn't make sense, breaking the rules of logic in your argument can have crippling effects on the persuasive power of your essay. This refers to emotional appeal, or the extent to which your argument moves the reader or listener at a non-rational level.


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