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Motivation encourages populace to try and attain their chosen job and goals.For many, motivation provides a sense of accomplishment and the good emotion of belonging to an association in control of their destination.

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Organisational behaviour is a methodical learning of the behaviour and reactions of persons, groups and sub systems that actions to understand, explain, predict and change human behaviour that occurs in the organizational context.

Organizational behavior can be defined as – “the study and application of knowledge about human behavior related to other elements of an organization such as structure, technology and social systems (LM Prasad).

Some groups and teams within the association function effectively while other disfunction.

The employ of groups and teams inside an organization have enlarged on a worldwide scale in current years Group: A group is nothing but two or additional persons who are interacting and mutually dependent, contain come together to attain a common objective.

Stephen P Robins defines “Organizational behavior as a systematic study of the actions and attitudes that people exhibit within organizations Groups and teams in the association play a very significant in the performance of the association.

For every achievement and breakdown in the organization teams and groups play a major role.How does employee motivation impact organizational performance?Employee motivation plays a great fraction in an organizations presentation and output consequences.Team: A team is a collection of people planned to work to gather interdependently and helpfully to gather the requirements of their clients by accomplishing a principle and goals.Teams are created for both long period and short period communication.Groups are an essential feature of the work patterns of organizations.There are two types of groups: Formal groups In-formal groups Formal groups are created to achieve specific managerial objectives as well as be worried through the management of work activities Formal group include command groups, task groups, affinity groups Command groups are usually included in the organizational chart Task groups is created to perform specific task Affinity groups is created for new product development Formal groups tend to be relatively permanent, although there may be a change in the membership of the team In-formal groups serve to please the emotional and communal want of group members not connected essentially to the farm duties to be undertaken In-formal groups includes friendship groups and interest groups Friendship groups arises out of the cordial relationships among members and the enjoyment They get from being together.Being part of something structured can frequently offer much motivation for employees.Lack of motivation among the work strength can result in low encouragement to achieve, promote negative feeling about the association and the organizations concerns about its workers.A figure of people who act together with one other are mentally aware of one another perceives themselves to be a compilation.Uniqueness of groups: Group consciousness A sense of shared purpose and identity Shared communication and net work Shared goals Interdependence Interaction Groups play a very important role on organizations.


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