Happiness Of Life Essay

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For example, a person might think that he/she will be happy only if he/she wins an Oscar for a new movie.

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For example, if a person enjoys dancing, then he/she should dance a lot.

If a person enjoys singing, then he/she should sing whenever there is a possibility.

Many people in human history misunderstood the meaning of happiness, and thought that they would be happy only when they would be rich.

As a result, they spent all their lives earning money, but even when they became enormously rich, achieved huge success, became famous, bought their own planes and their own islands, they were still unhappy.

Happiness is achieved by making a decision, and not by chance.

When a person is in harmony with him-/herself, and when he/she decides that he/she is happy, that person achieves the state of happiness.This person might also find a positive side of losing a job in having more free time for himself/herself and his/her hobbies during the process of seeking a new job.Thus, the same person might feel happy or sad about the same situation, depending on whether he/she perceives this situation as a positive or a negative one.However, it is impossible to find something when you do not know what you are looking for, so it is important to understand what ‘happiness’ means.Even though happiness can mean different things to different people, it is a positive state of mind, during which a person feels satisfied with himself/herself and his/her life, and perceives the things which he/she experiences as pleasurable and satisfying.Happiness is a simple word, which denotes a complicated feeling that plays a crucial role in people’s lives.Everyone is seeking happiness, because without happiness life is meaningless.Happiness is lying on the green grass on the sunny summer day.To achieve happiness, the person has to do more of those things which make him/her happy.In order to be happy, a person has to perceive things, which happen to him/her as pleasurable.For example, one can be happy because the sun is shining, because it is raining, or because it is snowing.


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