Hbs Application Essays 2011

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We hope it has whet your appetite for business school.”Successful candidates agree with Leopold that the timing of the program can be ideal.

Cecil Alfaro Mora, 23, a 2 2 admit, went to Northeastern University, graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering last year.

The rate increased at nine in 10 of the schools year-over-year.

With applications also down at all 10 of these schools year-on-year—by 6.6% at Wharton and 4.4% at Harvard Business School—it is probable that admissions teams are admitting more applicants to maintain a talented and diverse class.“With applications down, and without shrinking class sizes, business schools will have to admit more applicants to meet their class size goals,” explains Chioma Isiadinso, chief executive of admissions firm Expartus.

She says the quality of the applicant pool isn’t measured through a percentile, yet acceptance rates are a key indicator of MBA program demand and value, used by media outlets to help to define elite and highly-coveted courses.

However, David says acceptance rates are not always a sign of the quality of the student body.He waited for Dartmouth’s career center to open to get some quick feedback on his work, did his final edits, and then handed the essay in just before the 10 a.m. ONE OF 1,121 STUDENTS WHO APPLIED AND ONE OF ONLY 106 TO GET IN ON 2 2Six weeks later last May, after an on-campus interview, he received a telephone call from Dee Leopold, then managing director of MBA admissions and now head of the school’s 2 2 program. “I thought wow, I have been given an incredible opportunity and I want to make the most of it.“I was practicing piano in the basement of a building without cell service so I missed the call,” says Bajpai. I just felt a strange desire to go to the library and start working. I really want to spend the next four years learning as much as possible so I can eventually do something impactful back home in India.”Bajpai was one of 1,121 students who applied to Harvard’s 2 2 program and one of only 106 who was admitted and committed to acquiring work experience before showing up as a first-year MBA student in three to four years.If you get turned down, it just means not now—but not forever,” says Leopold who agrees to do what she calls “touchpoint calls” to candidates who are not admitted after the interview stage.Last year, she fielded about 40 such phone calls.“I listen,” she says.The marginal increase in acceptance rates amid a more impressive applicant pool may in fact signal that it’s getting harder to secure a business school place, she says.“Superstars are many in the elite MBA applicant pool in this current climate where the US economy is strong and employers are giving young professionals an incredible amount of leadership opportunity,” says Stacy.“But applicants should never assume an admissions offer is theirs for the taking.Submitting the best application should still be the goal.” Anecdotally, admissions consultant Stacy Blackman says the quality of MBA applications to the elite programs is much higher than previously, in terms of diversity of industry, function, and geography.“You get the GMAT out of the way at the best time when you are still a student. 0), and you get the chance for self-reflection that is valuable.If you are interviewed and accepted, you get to experience something that is truly distinctive.


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