How Do You Do An Outline For A Research Paper

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Though people sometimes do alphanumeric outlines a bit differently from one another, the typical way that an alphanumeric outline works is to use Roman numerals to represent your subtopics, capital letters for your supporting details that explain the subtopics and Arabic numerals and lowercase letters for commentary to explain the importance of the supporting details.

Once you have brainstormed your topic and gathered your research for the paper, you should organize your ideas and research in an outline.

When it comes time to actually do your outline, you have a number of options.

Connect that circle to the main topic circle with a line.

Now, you have to add the circle with your subtopic.

Many writers who have never done outlines before usually find one of two types of outline the easiest: the alphanumeric outline and the web outline.

Both the alphanumeric outline and web outlines are very good for organizing your supporting details, commentary and other information that you would like to put into your paper.

Once you have written the outline, you should use it to help you write your paper.

Put the outline in front of you as you type and follow it from top to bottom.

Since different papers have different lengths and different purposes, you should take these things into consideration as you write your outline.

Make sure to develop a clear outline whenever you have a writing project. The outline helps you put your necessary details down on paper so that when you're writing the actual essay or research paper you can refer back to it if you get confused or if you're not sure what to write next.


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