Illustration Essay On Drinking And Driving

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Bill, a twenty-one-year-old linebacker, has been charged for obstructing a police officer.

A twenty-three-year-old captain of the women’s soccer team named Jessica will face a misdemeanor charge for public intoxication; all three athletes will serve one game suspensions.

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Illustration Essay On Drinking And Driving

If you’d like to read the full essay (without annotations) click on the title above.By 2004, all 50 states reduced the legal blood alcohol concentration for drivers to 0.08%, and it has reduced fatalities, the CDC says, but accidents involving an intoxicated driver still kill 29 people a day, which the agency says equals "one death every 50 minutes." "We had made some real progress with age 21 minimum drinking laws and the 0.08% blood-alcohol limit in reducing the total number of alcohol-related crash deaths," said Dr.Timothy Naimi, an alcohol policy expert at Boston Medical Center's Clinical Addiction Research and Education Unit.Once (the) Marlboro Man was established, they could have shown just a belt buckle and the word Marlboro to make an ad."In a Super Bowl ad in 1987, Budweiser debuted Spuds Mac Kenzie, a bull terrier mascot."Spuds Mc Kenzie was a hugely successful campaign and it even spawned merchandise that you could get through a contest -- an idea probably taken from Joe Camel, of buying into a product indirectly through some kind of cartoon character."Naimi and his colleagues obtained data on crash deaths from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System."This consistency gives us greater confidence to conclude that a stronger alcohol control environment can reduce drinking and related problems such as traffic crashes."This vintage Lucky Strike ad from 1935 is representative of the kind of imagery and concepts that were once used to sell cigarettes.It show a couple enjoying a smoke in a luxury setting, and touts the smoothness of the tobacco, described as giving "the mildest smoke" that doesn't irritate the throat.Because research shows that the risk of crashes starts to increase at much lower levels than 0.08%, many developed nations have blood alcohol limits of 0.05% or even less.In the United States, both the the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the National Transportation Safety Board have called for lowering the limit to 0.05% in all states."But that progress has stalled, and in the last few years, crash deaths related to alcohol are increasing again."Over the years, states have implemented policies to fight that grim reality.Some of those include strictly enforcing legal drinking age and zero-tolerance policies for minors, using sobriety checkpoints, requiring ignition interlocks for DWI offenders and raising alcohol taxes.


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