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This fact is so obvious that it can never be denied.Television is one of the major sources of entertainment since the day of its invention. There are movies, music channels, cartoons and every other kind of dance/music shows.Most children and teenagers stick to the television screen all day long. This gets in the way of their physical activity which is important for their growth and development.

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speculates that kids and teens watch nearly four hours of TV a day.

One of the biggest resulting problems is the presence of negative influences from television programs. While many of these shows are educational and beneficial to development, when children grow up to be teenagers, and step out of the educational television arena, that is when TV potentially becomes a negative influence.

Television, which is often termed as the ‘idiot box’ by many, is one of the most important electronic media devices today.

Almost every house today owns a television set and it has surely become one of the most important parts of our lives.

There are many channels on television which are contributed to covering syllabus topics for certain subjects.

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Others like the discovery channel brings out brand new inventions and knowledge stuff which is great for children as well as the adults.

One 2016 study found across more than 300 episodes of seventeen shows rated Y7 to MA, each contained at least one risk behavior like violence, smoking, alcohol, and sex.

In shows made for teens and rated TV14 over 50 percent contained violence and sex while almost 75 percent featured alcohol.

Televisions are no more source of just movies and music.

There are a number of new channels that keep us acquainted with the world.


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