Influence Of Market Research On Strategic Management Paper

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They highlight the need for laying emphasis on the diverse forces that support the effective acquisition, management, and application of knowledge and skills that support innovation within an organization. 214) adds that it would be possible to manage change knowledge within an organization indirectly by focusing on various forces that contribute to a firm’s structure, culture, leadership, and technology. 982) reveals that out of the forces that influence innovation management within an organization, laying emphasis on technological changes serves as one of the vital contributors towards coping with the turbulence prevailing in the marketplace.

In this perspective, it would be possible to promote innovation through laying emphasis on explicit and tacit knowledge entrenched into these forces (Chegani, 2016, p. Technology acts as a form of intangible knowledge, which plays a crucial role in supporting the management of innovation within a company. 215) suggests that policies directed towards technology assist in reflecting an organization’s innovative attitude and the commitment it leads toward innovation. 115) reveal that strategic management within organizations serves as a dominant issue in the literature.

In this sense, prepares itself adequately to cope with any emerging issues in its area of operation, thus allow it to attain a sustainable operational future.

What processes should an organization follow to recognize its technology usage potential with the goal of addressing individual problems or while in need of fulfilling particular requirements in the market? 112) stipulates that significant research exists when it comes to affiliating innovation and technology with an organization’s knowledge base.

In any institution, the process of introducing technological innovation poses various problems to the management as opposed to the work that proficient project administration undertakes.

Nevertheless, the managers endowed with the duty of directing methodical innovation to routine need sufficient experience and education to allow them to guide the process of innovation development unlike in the case of managing the implementation process (Chegani, 2016, p. Furthermore, the existing organizational dynamics demand that firms change in a radical and incremental manner.


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