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It takes time, as well as business planning and negotiation skills.

But we must do the same for our partners and analyze the touchpoints we have with them as well.

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“It would be interesting to put a stake in the definition of what we mean when we talk about JBP.” What came into focus is a vision of next-generation joint business planning, shaped by current and projected disruptions in retail.

Modeling the JBP process of the future is beyond the scope of this article, but from those interviews, By definition, JBP is collaborative, but in practice, manufacturers and retailers often aren’t truly collaborating.

The most important element of planning is to synergize your goals, objectives and tactics with those of the partner.

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This will probably require a number of iterations before agreement is obtained.

That is very often one of the deciding factors that we will look at when making a selection in terms of whether we go to market with that vendor or not.""The strategy that you have on day one for your partner program is most likely not going to be the strategy that you have on day one hundred fifty.

Allow yourself to in check in with yourselves as a company, check in with your partners, do a gut check, and make sure that the strategy that you're taking to move forward is the correct one.""Organizations tend to look at the customer journey only.

Flexible and configurable to your needs, the joint business planning module enables you to build measurable objectives, execution strategies and tactics, go-to-market plans, target account lists, SWOT analyses and more.

Once completed, analyze the effectiveness of your plan and identify areas that may need modification.


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