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Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were both the sons of farmers.

Although Einstein lived in Germany and was Jewish while Newton was Catholic or Christian and lived in England.

Isaac and Albert where both living in the 1600 are in this time period. Einstein hated his school and all of the German studies.

In 1894 Albert family left him alone in the Army and to finished his studies.

The first indirect evidence of gravitational waves was in, but the waves themselves were not directly measured.

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Although any object can generate gravitational waves, only extremely massive ones produce warps of space big enough to measure.

That year two radio astronomers, Joseph Taylor and Russell Hulse, were analyzing a pair of neutron stars (superdense collapsed stars) that orbit each other.

Hulse and Taylor realized that the orbits were speeding up at a rate Einstein predicted would occur if gravitational waves were indeed being generated by the system.

While Newton was discovering hypothesis and experimenting, so was Albert but he didn’t start until later. Newton and Albert practically studied the same thing, but just at different times.

Such as light and its colors, motion, science in general, space and the universe, gravity was a really big one. Einstein studied about being a teacher, electricity and how things worked.


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