Labour Reforms 1945 Essay

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The Effects of the Social Reforms of the Labour Government of 1945-1951 The Beveridge Report was published in 1942.One of Labour’s key promises was to tackle the issue of social insurance provision in Britain.The Liberals’ inadequate National Insurance system from 1911 was still in place at the time.The economic crisis really hit the Conservatives, the public felt that the Conservative politicians had mismanaged the economy and they could not be trusted with such an important issue again.All of the issues outlined had a part to play in why Labour won the election in 1945, however the Beveridge Report and the proposal of the Welfare State possibly played the most major role in winning Labour the election.Beveridge recommended its replacement with a system that would cover everybody in Britain ‘from the cradle to the grave’, although he thought the amounts shouldn’t be too generous.The National Insurance Act of 1946 went a long way to implementing Beveridge’s proposals.It seemed that during the worst, least hopeful times of the war, the British public The cost of a large army, navy and bases across the world; the cost of acquiring nuclear weapons and wartime debts bore down on the country’s finances.Still, the Labour Party went forward, armed with generous loans and debt relief from North America, and introduced a series of social reforms designed to address the major ailments of Britain – how successful were they in this undertaking?Labour’s victory in 1945 came as a shock to the political world, Winston Churchill almost suddenly lost is popularity.Labour also took full advantage of the BBC which had a left-wing approach in many of its news reports and talks.


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