Lack Of Critical Thinking Skills

Lack Of Critical Thinking Skills-48
Students don't bring a critical perspective to revising or iterating their own work.Students are not comfortable being critical of or challenging authority.

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Sometimes an explanation becomes so complex that the original question get lost.

To avoid this, continually go back to the basic questions you asked when you set out to solve the problem.

The above definition includes so many words because critical thinking requires you to apply diverse intellectual tools to diverse information. Anywhere that some form of fundamentalism led to tragedy (the Holocaust is a textbook example), critical thinking was sorely lacking.

Ways to critically think about information include:employ any of the above intellectual tools to reach more accurate conclusions than your brain automatically would (more on this in a bit). Even day to day, it’s easy to get caught in pointless arguments or say stupid things just because you failed to stop and think deliberately.

It seemed like something that my teachers just expected us to pick up in the course of our studies.

While I venture that a lot of us did learn it, I prefer to approach learning deliberately, and so I decided to investigate critical thinking for myself.

The Ivy League professor who lost her driver’s license because she suffered another fender bender.

The Fortune 500 CEO who was fired after an affair with his assistant.

The value of critical thinking doesn’t stop with college, however.

Once you get out into the real world, critical thinking matters even more.


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