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Keep this picture of the admissions official in mind as you consider the following tips.

Pay attention to grammar and spelling One purpose of the personal statement is to gauge your writing skills.

Bad grammar or misspellings will leap out at the attentive reader and merit an immediate, disdainful circle with the virtual red pen.

Ask yourself a couple of key questions: What are the insights, perspectives, qualities, or background experiences that you are trying to convey to the admissions committee?

What are the core life lessons that have shaped who you are today, and how do they connect you to your future legal career? Do not waste space trying to convince the committee that you want to go to law school – the presence of your application in their stack is ample evidence of that desire.

Use a basic, readable font in a normal size (12 is usually best, but many schools explicitly allow for 11).

Even though most personal statements are read on screens these days, your readers will nonetheless expect one-inch margins and double-spaced lines.

They are eager to round out their view of you with something more meaningful and three-dimensional.

And, like most people, they appreciate a well-told story.

Let the reader see not just what you went through, but the insights or transformations the experience inspired in you.

Get feedback on early drafts Don’t wait until your personal statement is polished and almost ready to submit before you show it to anyone else.


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