Leadership Development Dissertations

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Pina PDF School and Work Experiences of Adults with ADHD: A Qualitative Case Study, Julieta E.

Robello PDF Student Perspectives on Classroom Community in a Career Technical Center, Laura Robinson PDF The Perceptions of Female High-School Students Regarding Their Engineering Self-Efficacy, Joyce Russo PDF Impact of New Teacher Induction on Beginning Teachers, Greta L.

Jupin PDF The Relationship Between Nursing-Faculty Incivility and New-Graduate-Nurse Self-Confidence During Transition to Practice: A Correlational Study, Martha Kershaw PDF A Case Study on Elementary Teachers’ Experiences Teaching Computer Science, Steve T.

Kong PDF The Transition Experiences of High Achieving High School Students from Secondary Education to College : A Case Study, Lori Christine Lachowsky PDF Taking Back Control: A Quantitative Study on Teacher-targeted Bullying, Rebecca Lamberth PDF Understanding the Role of Substitute Teachers, Amy Landis PDF Elementary Teacher Professional Development for Computer Science and Digital Game-Based Learning, Christopher Levy PDF A Phenomenological Study: The Lived Experiences of Females Enrolled in Nontraditional Programs in Career and Technical Education, Shawna Beth Little PDF High School Students and Teachers Ethical Perceptions of using Cognitive Enhancers for Academic Achievement, Wendy Mc Lellan-Kelly PDF Understanding the Experiences of Latino Community College Students on Academic Probation: A Case Study, Maria P.Coleman-Weathersbee PDF Case Study of a New Teacher Mentoring and Induction Program, Jennifer S.Collins PDF The Effects of the Acquisition of Digital Badges on Second Grade Literacy, Mindi Outlaw Collins PDF How Connecticut Educators Encourage Secondary Students to Apply Creativity, Elise L.Brabham PDF Attrition of African American Male Criminal Justice Students at a Southeastern Regional Technical College: A Phenomenological Study, Rorie T.Bradley PDF Perceptions of Public Middle School Teachers About the Influence Their Personal Religious Beliefs Have on Their Professional Lives as Educators, Matthew Edward Brooks PDF The Efficacy of Postsecondary Vocational Curriculum in Preparing Students to Transition from School to Work, Peter Brown PDF Perception of African-American Adult Learners Toward Using Technology in Education, Kaira J.Pattman PDF New Teacher Perceptions - Mentoring and Coaching at a California Catholic School, Shawna L.Pautsch PDF Changing Perceptions About Professional Development: An Action Research Study Using Andragogy for Educators’ Professional Development, Cynthia L.Diaz PDF Teachers’ Perceptions on the Role of Creativity in Middle and Secondary Education, Melissa Marie Diebel PDF A Case Study of the Impact of Secondary Administrators' Leadership Styles, Management of Instructional Programs, and Professional Development in Maintaining High Performing Schools, Teresa D.Dixon PDF Community College Students’ Perceived Value of High School Career and Technical Education Program Experiences, Martin Douglass PDF Ready for Literacy Instruction: A Case Study of Initial Educators’ Perceptions of their Teacher Preparation Program, Jocelyn Dunks PDF A Descriptive Study: The Association Between Transformational Redesign School Improvement, Priority School Principals’ Perceptions, and Student Achievement, Susan Duran PDF Relationship Between Use of Collaborative Testing and Nursing Student Success, June A.Flinner PDF The Professional Development and Coaching of School Teachers: Real-Time Feedback, Jasmine R.Foster PDF A Study of Teacher Attrition in Rural, North Central, Alabama, Laura Frasher Tuttle PDF Collaborative Partnerships Between Community Colleges and High Schools, Cordelia Godfrey PDF Hospitality Industry’s Perceptions of Industry-Academia Collaboration in Curriculum Development, Walter C.


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