Legalizing Gay Marriage Research Papers

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Slovenia has passed the required bill in its Parliament and is awaiting the President’s signature.

In Australia, though the states are trying to simplify the process, the national level law is still to be declared.

A total of 12,419 seconds (about 207 minutes) of total time was carefully reviewed in these 93 news stories on national television. The purpose of this essay is to make an argument for gay marriage as a viable means of expression for society.

The analysis was conducted based on three components: the news story; each source cited in the story; and "each gay or lesbian couple" (Moscowitz, p. The findings show that the "debate" in the video clips "was dominated by conventionally 'straight' perspectives." And while gay and lesbian couples and gay rights activists made up "16% and 8.2% respectively," of the sources that were cited in the video reports, political figures commenting on the issue made up 27% of the time, "conservative activists" composed 13.4% of the sources, and the president (Bush) and White House spokespersons were 10% of the sources shown on the video news reports (Moscowitz, p. The president and his representatives, conservatives who are against gay marriage, political and legal analysts, religious leaders "…were allowed more time to speak in news reports on the marriage issues than were gay and lesbian citizens" (Moscowitz, p. Of the gay and lesbian couples that were the focus of the 93 news stories, only "20%" were given the opportunity "to speak at all." In other words, the gays and lesbians in these news stories appeared more as "image bites" than "sound bites" and the couples that were the "dominant visual focus" of the 96 stories "contributed little to the linguistic content of the stories"(Moscowitz, p. Another way of saying what the appearance of the gays and lesbians amounted to was that "they were granted the status of visual ornamentation," Moscowitz explains (p. On the marriage issue, ABC, NBC, and CBS did not "othered" or "exocticized" the couples in "stereotypical ways," the author continues. I will present this argument by using Gay Marriage Gaiety is the practice of bossom love for similar sex and especially between two males or females, bisexual exclusive.

This shall also have economic impact where the nation’s GDP has a positive impact.

Would legalization of gay marriage be good for the gay community??it's time to allow gay and lesbian citizens their rights too, and sanction their right to be married if they choose to do so. "America's Changing Attitudes toward Homosexuality, Civil Unions, and Same- Gender Marriage: 1977-2004." Social Work. Civil organizations are working to provide similar marriage status in these 28 states like the other 3 states.Among the other nations working towards legalizing same-sex marriages – Slovenia, Australia and Columbia are the only nationals which are amidst the process of enacting national laws to legalise gay couple marriages.He divides the community into two groups: integrationists and liberationists. On the other hand, the liberationists cherish their gay culture with their own customs and values.The controversy is caused because of these two different philosophical views. The integrationists want gay marriage and the liberationists object to same sex marriage. s belief is to consider the objections of the liberationists. and thereby further confine both straights and gays.?Legalising gay marriages is more than accepting their marital status.It is recognising their rights, accepting them as part of the social fabric and providing them equal democratic, federal and legal rights given to other normal couples.The federal district also allows same sex marriage.In the remaining 28 states, gay couples can legalize their marriage after receiving an injunction from a judge.


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