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[Read More] The skunks are a potent contrast between the gentility symbolized by the millionaire's casually auctioned-off yacht, yet like the auctioned boat, they are also a symbol of waste and decay.The skunks' willingness to eat anything is also a contrast with the poet's deeper sense of existential dread and sorrow about his plight, as he sadly listens to "Love, O careless Love...." On the radio, symbolizing his inability to find love in the world (30).

The themes of the poem are alienation, a lack of love, and the base nature of existence.

The poet feels alienated from the WASPY, wealthy, and superficial world he describes yet also depressed about its decline.

As fo the online chat scale of Leung, this was found out to be only elevant fo specific items, and the eseaches modified specific items in the scale to……

[Read More] Bad in a Person Fight Club is one of many novels that explores the theme of isolation from society, and how this in turn leads to loneliness, paranoia and violence.

Since these scales help detemine the level of social anxiety and loneliness on an individual basis, both scales can be useful as deteminants of an individual's emotional state and social disposition in studies othe than those exploing the use of mobile phone.

That is, these scales ae applicable to othe modes of communication such as face-to-face communication, online chatting, classoom inteaction, among many othes.The Internet search engine corporation Google has become a kind of anti-competitive mega-company, as the corporate structure disdains conventional leadership hierarchies, encourages employees to practice yoga during their breaks, and stocks its cafeteria with organic food -- as they make a huge profit for their shareholders.The company is a community, not merely a place of competition.He cannot find love amongst the 'love cars' that lie together -- symbolizing the couples within the cars lying together.He is up at a time when few people are awake who besides teenagers in cars 'making out.' Only……Fight Club's unnamed protagonist is alienated from society He engages in antisocial behaviors, starting with the fight club and moving onto the plan to blow up the skyscraper The separation of the narrator from society echoes other novels presenting the theme of alienation These novels have proven to be popular since the end of WWII and the rise of our suburban, digital society.Selfishness lies at the root of this alienation Writers have explored the role of selfishness in alienation, since at least Shakespeare Flannery O'Connor highlighted such alienation in the two main characters in A Good Man is Hard to Find, where the grandmother is selfish and disconnected from her family, but meets her end at the hands of……It is the 'digital divide' is what often separates young people today from their families, not the divide of individualism vs.collectivism, although individualism as a philosophy still dominates American culture in comparison to other nations in……On the other, we seek to conform, fit in, be a part of the 'melting pot'; but we are forever lonely. Stuart-Hamilton, (2006), in the Psychology of Ageing: an Introduction states that "... Among these writers is Ernest Hemingway, well-known novelist, whose…… The elderly are susceptible to feelings of loneliness and isolation because of life changes that often occur at this stage of life. Friendships and close relationships suffer when increased amount of time is spent at work.Individualism has been an intrinsic part of the American myth. [Read More] References Ole Rolvaag, Giants in the Earth, Harper & Bros., 2002 Anzia Yezierska, Bread Givers New York: Persea Books, 1979 Lawrence Levine, Black Culture and Black Consciousness Gene Yang, American Born Chinese representation of Death and the impermanence in the short story "A Father's Story" by Andre Dubus, and the poem "Because I could not stop for Death" by Emily Dickinson. If an older person has a strong sense of social identity, this may cushion (but not remove) the negative effects of a decline in physical health" (Stuart-Hamilton, 2006, p. However, retirees like Albert who do not have a sense of identity or of social 'belonging' can be subject to a wide range of negative effects. Conclusion In conclusion, there is a growing awareness of the psychological and sociological problems that the retired and elderly person faces when he or she retires from the active…… 2002, Self-efficacy and depression in late life: a primary prevention proposal, Aging Mental Health, vol. Individuals may have spent all their adult lives in the work place and be unable to deal with too much newfound leisure time. [Read More] Works Cited "Gardner Massachusetts -- Senior Calendar." City of Gardner, MA. Increased working hours translate into time away from friends and loved ones and this leads to social isolation, which is having a huge negative impact on mental and physical health of people in the U. According to a recent study, it was reported that 50% more than the figure that was attained in 1985 complained of having no one they could turn to when personal problems arise.


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