Mahatma Gandhi Satyagraha Essay

In January 1888, he enrolled at Samaldas College in Bhavnagar State, then the sole degree-granting institution of higher education in the region.But he dropped out and returned to his family in Porbandar.Gandhi informed them of his promise to his mother and her blessings.

He was imprisoned for many years, upon many occasions, in both South Africa and India.

He lived modestly in a self-sufficient residential community and wore the traditional Indian dhoti and shawl, woven with yarn hand-spun on a charkha.

Recalling the day of their marriage, he once said, "As we didn't know much about marriage, for us it meant only wearing new clothes, eating sweets and playing with relatives." As was prevailing tradition, the adolescent bride was to spend much time at her parents' house, and away from her husband.

Writing many years later, Mohandas described with regret the lustful feelings he felt for his young bride, "even at school I used to think of her, and the thought of nightfall and our subsequent meeting was ever haunting me." He later recalled feeling jealous and possessive of her, such as when she would visit a temple with her girlfriends, and being sexually lustful in his feelings for her.

He ate simple vegetarian food, and also undertook long fasts as a means of both self-purification and political protest.

Gandhi's vision of an independent India based on religious pluralism was challenged in the early 1940s by a new Muslim nationalism which was demanding a separate Muslim homeland carved out of India.While at high school, Gandhi's elder brother introduced him to a Muslim friend named Sheikh Mehtab.Mehtab was older in age, taller and encouraged the strictly vegetarian boy to eat meat to gain height.His mother was not comfortable about Gandhi leaving his wife and family, and going so far from home.Gandhi's uncle Tulsidas also tried to dissuade his nephew. To persuade his wife and mother, Gandhi made a vow in front of his mother that he would abstain from meat, alcohol and women.In May 1883, the 13-year-old Mohandas was married to 14-year-old Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia (her first name was usually shortened to "Kasturba", and affectionately to "Ba") in an arranged marriage, according to the custom of the region at that time.His wedding was a joint event, where his brother and cousin were also married.He also took Mohandas to a brothel one day, though Mohandas "was struck blind and dumb in this den of vice," rebuffed the prostitutes' advances and was promptly sent out of the brothel.The experience caused Mohandas mental anguish, and he abandoned the company of Mehtab.Assuming leadership of the Indian National Congress in 1921, Gandhi led nationwide campaigns for various social causes and for achieving Swaraj or self-rule.Gandhi led Indians in challenging the British-imposed salt tax with the 400 km (250 mi) Dandi Salt March in 1930, and later in calling for the British to Quit India in 1942.


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