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Part A A parallel-plate capacitor of capacitance negligible.

The second term, , is called the displacement current; it was recognized as necessary by Maxwell.

His motivation was largely to make Ampère's law symmetric with Faraday's law of induction when the electric fields and magnetic fields are reversed.

Use the surface that passes between the plates of the capacitor, where there is no conduction current.

This should be found by evaluating the amount of displacement current in the Ampère-Maxwell law above. assignment ID=1064960 Page 1 of 5 Mastering Physics: Assignment Print View Part B.1 04/19/2007 PM Find the electric flux Part not displayed Part B.2 Express in terms of Part not displayed Express your answer in terms of the electric field between the plates ANSWER: , , the plate area , and any needed constants given in the introduction.


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