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An additional problem arising from the volume of production, therefore, is the position of the researcher compared to private companies in discovering and disseminating accurate information about such large phenomena. Broadcasting was dominated by mainstream, well-known, widely-publicised publishers and distribution channels.Unlike television, as Raymond Williams famously analyses it in his 1974 book Television: Technology and Cultural Form, this isn’t a ‘flow’ – me-dia has a different experiential temporality: both synchronous and asynchronous.It involves the creation of multiple, synchronous, ongoing messages and productions, with many conversations and contributions happening simultaneously, but each of these is also asynchronous as messages are sent and replies are delayed in discovery and response.Produced for another’s phone or for a specific website or page we have no conceivable way of mapping all the places me-dia are available.This is the age of thin media: of media spread over every digital outlet. Digital media have a particular relationship with time.If broadcasting already overwhelmed the researcher, the post-broadcast output eclipses it.Whilst broadcast production was predictable enough to be sampled (in genres such as rom-com, sci-fi and action-movies etc.The ‘publisher’ of the material, whether a book publishing company, television company, film studio etc., made themselves known and had an official point of contact, making their material available through the expected channels – bookshops, newsagents, cinema, radio frequencies, television channels etc.In contrast much of today’s digital production is atomistic and decentralized.Add up the almost continuous one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many production of communication, responses, comments and messages we all engage in and we can see that this constitutes a remarkable volume of additional media for the researcher to deal with.And this output is not created by the media factories but through individuals, networks and groups managing their relationships and sharing their lives, thoughts and experiences.


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