Methodology Political Science Research Paper

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In text: (Author, YEAR: page; Co-author and Co-author, YEAR: page; Co-author et al. Two authors: Vermeule, Adrian and Eric Posner (2010): The Executive Unbound: After the Madisonian Republic.

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Surname, First Name (YEAR): ‘Title of the Thesis or the Conference Paper’, XX thesis, University of XX, City / XX conference paper, City, Date. Therefore, we strictly refuse to accept any piece of work, oral or written, that is a product of plagiarism. The former focuses on all general areas of Political Science and the latter on Latin American politics in particular.

As the global representation of political science students, we are committed to the highest international standards of academic and scientific honesty. Politikon and Encuentro Latinoamericano (ELA) are peer-reviewed journals published by the International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS).

Remember that the similar events in the different periods of time or on the opposite sides of the globe may have the completely different causes, based on cultural context.

Also you should remember that the facts stay the same but the interpretation of these fact changes with time and the development of the society.

and Charles Tilly (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Political Analysis. Available at: https:// Janda Winner Barham1(24 June 2018). (1970): ‘Reviewed Work: Political Order in Changing Societies by Samuel P. All published and unpublished material, whether in manuscript, printed or electronic form, is covered under this definition. Available at [Accessed ]: All the manuscripts received are evaluated by the editorial boards and by external reviewers.

Methodology Political Science Research Paper

[If available] DOI: Pettit, Philip (2008): ‘Why and How Philosophy Matters’, in Goodin, Robert E. [Thesis] Barham, Elena (2016): ‘Passing the Buck: World Bank Anti-Corruption Reform and the Politics of Implementation’, Ph D thesis, Northwestern University. We subscribe to the definition and characteristic of plagiarism of Oxford University, according to which ‘Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement. Both journals are open to all theoretical and methodological traditions and submissions from all over the world.To write about political issues, the author of the paper should study not only political science, but also know something (and even more than something) about history, economics, military strategy, public relations and even psychology.To fully understand the political process one should have lots and lots of knowledge about the way our society operates.The Editorial Board will not evaluate articles by authors who already (co-)authored other articles currently under evaluation. Articles published or under consideration in another publication or publishing platform will not be considered. Or you may even take one single aspect or theory and present it as detailed as you can: this also will work great for the research paper.Politikon is the flagship publication of the International Association for Political Science Students. and Charles Tilly (eds.) (2008): The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Political Analysis. Surname, First Name (YEAR): ‘Title of the Journal Article’, Journal Name Nr. An insufficient level of anonymity may result in a delay during the review process.Don’t try to present every possible aspect that could cause the political event you are writing about.Focus on the main ones, try to create the clear but not very detailed picture: your audience can get lost in the countless theories and possible causes.It is open to submissions by students and scholars of all levels of academic qualification with the usual frequency of four issues per year. Indianapolis/Cambridge: Hackett Publishing Company. Surname, First Name and First Name Surname (eds.) (YEAR): Title of the Book. Politikon and ELA receive submissions of original articles, research notes and book reviews.Politikon publishes: Papers for publication are accepted on a continuous basis. By submitting a manuscript to ELA Journal the author must confirm: Submissions should be accompanied by an assurance that the manuscript has not been published, submitted, or accepted for publication elsewhere.


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