Modern Day Hero Essay

It was the only time he abandoned the quests that he was able to return to his throne and his responsibility and function as a proper king.

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Whereas the shaping of Gilgamesh allowed the authors to give it an additional meaning, the ability to control over his own life turns Batman into a commodity, something meant for consumption.

In Frank Miller’s , there was a limit to which Miller felt he could re-imagine Batman and a limit to which the reader would accept from him as a character.

Though the stories about Gilgamesh’s adventures existed on their own, they were also altered by the author to teach the audience values.

There were many different versions of Gilgamesh, and he was then given one single definitive version as he was recorded.

What the reader may rely upon nowadays is several versions that are considered to be the product of multiple authors’ works, which are refined into meaningful versions with an intrinsic message to be delivered to the audience.

So, the character of Gilgamesh becomes a kind of a tool to attract the reader and prove its urgency in modern society.

This was to demonstrate to the audience the proper way to live one’s life because “such teachings…indicate the didactic character given to ancient tales that were of popular origin, but which were modified and elaborated under the influence of the schools which arose in connection with the Babylonian temples” (Jastrow & Clay, 2003, p.12).

This story proves that people have the ability to grow and they are not stuck forever in repeating the same mistakes.

The reader has to understand how it was to be a hero, what qualities should be possessed, and how it was necessary to behave under certain conditions.

It was not an easy task to present a hero and prove that he was worth of attention, still, is a wonderful example that may be both educative and inspirational for the reader. Being a child of an extremely wealthy family, Bruce Wayne, a future Batman, introduces his own basic story arc that is set in motion by a tragedy that affects his life; it is the murder of his parents.


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