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They seek out loans that would help them accomplish this aim especially in these favorable times of the economy. It is important to note as well that the QMT Finance Company already has two locations in environments that are developing so rapidly; one is in St. STRATEGY AND MARKET APPROACH In order to take over the growing market, we have adopted a few strategies: We have dropped our down payment as low as 3% to accommodate those who find it difficult to actually make the financial requirements demanded.We are also intensifying our advertisement platforms both online and offline.

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In this view, we have segmented the market into two categories: • Current Home-owners • First-Time Home-owners The former category is those that seek out advising services, as well as refinancing services.

They look at loans that would aid them in renovation and remodeling purposes.

VISION We see a 5-year-future in which QMT would have grown into a $7 million company, a mentor to other financial bodies, as well as a hope for firms that are stuck between the Nile and hungry business lions.

BUSINESS OBJECTIVES QMT Finance is a goal-oriented company that has its eyes set on a number of objectives since its inception.

The services and products include: • We offer Mortgage advice. • Mortgage products include fixed rate, jumbos, Home equity lines of credit, adjustable rate, and refinance.

SWOT ANALYSIS Strength: We are confident in the success of our business as we have a lot of services and product options to offer under our brand name, our staffs are highly professional at what they do, and we mostly setup a product at low cost.Everyone believes they have got to do what they must do soon enough as there is some practical uncertainty as to the next trend the economy would take.There would not be a riper time to explore the market.iii) To make profits in the process of creating gross opportunities for entrepreneurs and business, both in cash and in advices.iv) To be a major investor in emerging businesses in the area.Online in social media like facebook, linked In, Twitter, etc.and offline via channels such as local TV stations, radios, newspapers, and we are reaching out to legal institutions, lawyers and attorneys to boost our societal strength and avoid legal controversies.Mortgage broker marketing is not typically something you would think of as innovative.It is based on traditional advertising methods and often it is not very interactive.SUMMARY OF MARKET ANALYSIS Recently there has been a recovery in the collapsed state of the economy; this is great news.It has been the market awakened in many industries especially the housing and estate sector.


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