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It is probably the suffering he endured as a young person that shaped his humanitarian worldview.

So, competence here is valued and opinion influencers or experimental pioneers have an important role to play.

In fact, leadership evolves as a necessity virtually in any realm of human activity/ thinking, especially where more people are involved.

Confucius was an influential figure of his time and one the most powerful thought leaders in human history.

The fact that he became China’s greatest teacher for ages in just five years of professing this activity speaks for itself.

It also may be considered the same as writing a profile essay.

Thesis Letter Of Request - My Leadership Role Essay

In fact, understanding what is leadership essay is simpler than understanding what leadership is because much knowledge related to the latter comes from directly experiencing a leadership role.

Here are some basic steps involved: These are some important qualities every leader should have and you may use them as topic ideas.

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Confucius has the allure of visionary highly devoted to the idea of making this world better but also of curious scholar thirsty of knowledge and in constant exploration, which are predictors of intelligence/ competence and open-mindedness among others.

Being pragmatic thinker, he valued knowledge mostly for its potential to be used in practice to the benefit of society despite the fact that this implementation often proved challenging.


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