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So, I can expect questions about years I’ve spent in a monastery learning kung fu, or hear half-serious questions about dragons living somewhere in the heart of the country.No, there are no dragons (at least those I know of), and we don’t have obligatory kung fu mastering for everyone.

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The process of acquiring new knowledge has become an integral element of my life.

I’ve been learning something new as long as I can remember myself.

From the very childhood, I’ve spent a lot of time learning different things.

It did not matter what I was earning – math, music, or languages.

The best way to ensure that is to choose an essay topic you will want to write with passion.

Narrative essay writing is the only genre of academic writing that allows the writer to explore their imagination and creativity to the fullest.

I had holidays same as other people do and I got presents, which haven’t always been related to my learning process.

Same as children in the US, I had favorite toys and games, but on the contrary to many American kids, I also had my favorite books. Despite limiting in quite a traditional family, which was oriented towards providing me with best possible education, I did have possibilities to take a break and enjoy myself.

While writing these essays you may omit strict structure regulations.

That is why students like this essay sub-genre the most.


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