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After all, isn't that what optimal SAT study is for—focusing on you and your own progress? The SAT has been administered for decades now and has been the gold standard in undergraduate college readiness.

While you always want to aim for a higher-than-average SAT score, knowing a specific school's median is always useful, particularly when entrenched in SAT strategy.

Below is a chart of average SAT scores for elite schools.

Similarly, if you're in a lower percentile—say, the 61st or 51st, you are well aware of the other students ahead of you, meaning you will need to rely on your other application materials as a counterbalance.

Below is a general chart chronicling the various percentiles.

There are national averages, gender averages, demographic averages—not to mention university averages and percentiles.

It's easy to get lost in a sea of information about other people's scores instead of focusing on enhancing your own.

However, your SAT score is important, as well, and with all of your competition, it's important to keep in mind how admissions officers compare you to the other students.

Percentiles come into play here, as they are a tool for those deciding your university fate to organize applicants.

The two main sections are Critical Reading (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing) and Math, both equaling 800 points each.

The 2017 average published in a 2017 College Board Report was 533 for EBRW and 527 for Math, totaling to 1060 for a national average.


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