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When I graduated in 1989, I was a single mom to a.....spend in law school to prepare me to take the Bar Examinations, these are but steps I have to go through for the realization of my destiny.It seems but a loaded word to describe an endeavor.

When I graduated in 1989, I was a single mom to a.....spend in law school to prepare me to take the Bar Examinations, these are but steps I have to go through for the realization of my destiny.It seems but a loaded word to describe an endeavor. Nursing ment I have always had the passion of becoming a nurse. From the time I was a littlegirl I wanted to be a nurse.

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I had the black briefcase, stethoscope, and nurse cap and played my part dramatically, giving them candy as medicine, and tapping their knees to check reflexes.

Although I wanted to be a nurse, I did not take that route after graduating from high school because I had a baby at the beginning of my senior year and then worked at UTMB half the day.

As I was growing up, I observed my grandmother who had to live with us because he suffered from diabetes and I developed the constant need to assist her in any way possible.

The visits to the hospitals where my aunts worked gave me a chance to sit in the staff room and listen to the different doctors and nurses talk after their rounds in the hospital.

Although other medical careers allow its practitioner to be in full control of their actions, Optometry is still set apart by its remarkable level of intimacy with the patient and its ability to offer a patient an instant solution to their vision problems. I have a long term vision for myself an an Optometrist.

Aside from continuously refining my skills, I also plan to become a cutting edge leader in the development of vision therapy.To put it in more comprehensible terms, I am in for heartache, of sleepless nights and grueling exams.It is something matter-of-factly to say that this life is not a walk in the park.I wish to submit this reconsideration for your evaluation in the hope of obtaining a favorable decision.The following are my reasons for wanting to seek reconsideration: First and foremost, I failed in Human Biosciences A because throughout the.....Optometry School.I have yet to decide as to whether I will be practicing in a private or hospital setting but there is one thing that will always remain to be sure, that I will leave my mark in the Optometric community as an......What activities have you performed that demonstrate your ability to work effectively with people?As I grew up, I realized the great influence movies have on their viewers, and also how society in turn can influences movies.Movies like, "Jar Head" and Oliver Stone's, "W." were created as a direct result of what was happening in the world from a socio-political point of view.The time that I spent with these nurses emotionally strengthened the experiences that I had initially heard my aunties talk about.The ability they had to assist people and influence their lives excited me especially the fact that every patient presented a new challenge and a chance to further develop knowledge in the field of nursing.


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