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Both kinds of research should be encouraged in the field, and both have relevance to clinicians.

Both kinds of research should be encouraged in the field, and both have relevance to clinicians.Payton concurred: In all professions, and most especially in new and developing professions such as physical and occupational therapy, there is a continuous and urgent need to substantiate and further solidify the principles upon which clinical practice is built.

The fact that I have a child suffering from downs syndrome fueled my decision.

This is because being close to him has helped me a lot in realizing how much passion I have in helping others get better health-wise.

Some of the duties performed by occupational therapist include; help patients to undertake physical exercise, basic motor function, use adoptive......?

Written assignment Occupational therapy, which is also known as OT, is a form of holistic health care job which aims at promoting health by enabling the individuals, particularly the sick patients, to perform meaningful as well as purposeful activities all throughout their lives.

As a result, I have always wanted to offer some sort of therapy to those who undergo such pains.

After a long calculation of thoughts, I made up my mind to become an Occupational Therapist Assistant.

The patient’s experiences, reported by them, friends or relatives, as well as examinations aimed... College: Occupational Therapists Occupational therapists are medical practitioners who assist patients in improving theircapability of performing tasks in living and working environment.

They work with patients suffering from emotionally disabling condition, mental illness, physical and developmental issues.

I know it is not a walk in the park working in a mental health facility, but yet again, I understand how much these patients need someone like me to look after them.

For this reason, having understood the difficulty involved in working under these conditions, I have trained myself to be adaptable to any circumstances that might be associated with my job. Case Study Report: Occupational Therapy CASE STUDY REPORT: OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Psychosocial Influences to Occupational Performance Major depressive disorder, MDD or clinical depression is a disorder of the mind whose manifestations includes an all round low mood, lack of interest in activities that one initially enjoyed, and low self-esteem (Beck, 2009).


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