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Steinbeck portrays him as having natural authority and prestige.

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From this incident George learned the moral lesson that it is wrong to take advantage of the weak.

Of Mice and Men follows him toward a difficult realization that the world is designed to prey on the weak.

The relationship between the intelligent but weak George Milton and the retarded but strong Lennie Small is the focal point of Steinbeck's novella, and a surface reading strongly suggests that "friendship" or "personal commitment" is one of this work's salient themes.

As the half-witted Lennie dutifully intones, the two men are distinguished from all of the other characters in the story "because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that's why." (p.15).

‘Carlson stepped back to let Slim precede him’ is also a key sentence about Slim’s jurisdiction over the others.

The fact that he is being allowed to precede the others is a clever way in which Steinbeck has used language to show sovereignty and that he is presenting Slim as powerful over the others.This is particularly relevant in the context because if someone disobeyed the Boss of the ranch then they would be ‘canned’ or fired.It is ironic that the narrator, who is all seeing, describes Slim like this because it is a God like figure itself and is then showing Slim as one.Lennie is largely responsible for George’s belief in this safe haven, but eventually the predatory nature of the world asserts itself and George can no longer maintain that belief.By shooting Lennie, George spares his friend the merciless death that would be delivered by Curley’s lynch mob, but he also puts to rest his own dream of a perfect, fraternal world.Like Lennie, George can be defined by a few distinct characteristics.He is short-tempered but a loving and devoted friend, whose frequent protests against life with Lennie never weaken his commitment to protecting his friend.The narrator is omniscient and ‘talks’ in the third person and it is still supporting the positive view of Slim.‘Prince of the ranch’ is ‘spoken’ by the narrator and is consistent with the overall image of Slim which Steinbeck offers us.Slim is introduced slowly, which is different to the other characters; who the reader is mainly acquainted with very quickly.The fact that Steinbeck has done this suggests that there is a lot to take in about Slim, so he immediately in our minds as a complex character.


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