Photography Institute Assignment 1

Photography Institute Assignment 1-58
Be open to failure, and get out of your comfort zone.If you treat this project like a fun assignment, it will help you take your work to the next level.A bad one will leave you wondering why you even tried photography in the first place. This challenge isn’t linked to a specific period of time.

Some photographers challenge themselves even further. They come up with specific themes every week or month. Taking photos every day will inspire you to make time for photography.This photographer managed to make them look gorgeous thanks to their lighting skills.If you often find yourself getting tired of photography, take photos of the same person or thing every day for a week or month. But photography assignments can also be very discouraging if they’re approached the wrong way.A good photography challenge will strengthen your photography skills and inspire you in multiple ways.Social media can be both a monster and a perfect source of inspiration.If you use it mindlessly, you’ll end up comparing yourself to other artists.Modern smartphones are ideal for budding photographers who want to learn more about the technical side of photography.Take photos using only your smartphone camera for a week.Invest in a great camera app, and familiarise yourself with all of its settings. If you’re up for an extra photography challenge, try to recreate some of your portfolio photos with your smartphone camera.This challenge will give you a break from your camera.


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