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But of course, the intro is not all it takes to get an A for your essay.

But of course, the intro is not all it takes to get an A for your essay.Coming up with a detailed plan for the body paragraphs is even more important because essay body is the part where the students present their logic.However, most essays still follow more or less the same logic, and it is not difficult to grasp the essentials of outlining any academic paper.

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Here is the best way to craft a great outline for the concluding part: Now, a bit of Math.

If you stick to the five-paragraph essay structure, your introduction will have 3 segments, body — 12 (4 in each of the three paragraphs), and the conclusion will include 3 more segments.

Let’s take a simple situation — say, you want to build a house from scratch. How would your workers know what to do if you failed to provide them with a simple plan? Not having an outline for your essay is an equivalent of not having a blueprint for your house.

So, you hire a bunch of workers and tell them to start. After a month of chaotic efforts, you blow all of your construction budget and don’t even have the foundation ready. Of course, not having a blueprint for a house is a sure recipe for disaster. An essay, even a short one, is an academic work, and any academic work requires a careful, meticulous approach.

So, these paragraphs should run smoothly and should convey the ideas that support your thesis.

Here is how an essay body structure looks like: The same logic applies to all of your subsequent body paragraphs.

This, of course, will positively affect your grade.

My tip: dedicate about five of your precious exam minutes to sketching your paper structure. Once you come up with the main arguments, it will not be hard to add a couple of sub-points to each of them.

Sure, the content of the essay depends on the type and the topic of your paper, which in its turn, affects essay structure as well.

It would be pointless to compare argumentative and character analysis essays because they deal with totally different aspects, and so, require a totally different structure.


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