Planning Ielts Essay

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In conclusion, even though future planning may be a little stressful, I believe that it in the long term it is the key to success.

It is important to be able to structure your IELTS Writing Task 2 structure, or else you will struggle to get a high band score.

- Many adults are too busy with work and other commitments- They may miss sessions, and would they therefore be punished?

- It would be impossible to force prospective parents to attend- Different parenting styles, impossible to create a course that suits everyone And here's my 5-sentence paragraph using the ideas above: In my opinion, the idea that all future parents should take a parenthood preparation course is completely impractical.

Try using the plan in last week's lesson to create paragraph 2 in the same way.

It is aimed at students who are trying to achieve Band 7, but will also be extremely valuable for any students aiming for Band 6 or Band 8.

Also the money thus saved will help them tide over any financial crises that they may face in the future.

For example, I have been saving money for the last few years and this habit enabled me to pay for my child’s treatment for an autoimmune disorder.

However, some people assert that planning for the future is quite stressful and therefore living in the present keeps them happy and contented.

Also, in their opinion, no one can change their destiny and if they are destined to lose something, they will lose it no matter what. Even if this is true to a certain extent, a little bit of planning will certainly help us to cope better in difficult times.


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