Politics And The English Language And Other Essays

Politics And The English Language And Other Essays-6
This cyclical process is often difficult to break because again bad habits provide us with very convenient and elegant sounding sentence structures.

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For example: the verbal submission of arguments about where the class should take their next field trip is a political discussion, used by some to convince their peers to support their idea.

Or the argument to persuade your parents to change their ideology on the belief of the “reckless teenager” and allow you to take on responsibility in your life and go to parties.

But there is a final element of pessimism to it, as well as, I think, some of the hard-to-understand handsomeness for which we English people are so rightly famed.

It’s an ironic look actually is what it is, and it’s the look of someone who suffered a great deal.

A slightly tall, angular, shy, but not unconfident Englishman, with a hollow-cheek look.

A rather dolorous look in some ways, a rather solemn look.

George Orwell goes on to cite passages from several prominent essays and articles, concluding on the similarities in their staleness of imagery and lack of precision.

He criticizes the passages, stating that the incompetence and vagueness of such political writings desecrates correct English prose- construction. George Orwell begins by explaining the difference between newly invented and “dead” metaphors. Orwell rationalizes how many writers use extraneous verbs and nouns to pad sentences and create the illusion of symmetry. Orwell discusses the recurring tendency of bad writers to glorify shorter words with longer but not necessarily correct ones.

Orwell stands out from the other great writers of the 20th century because of his political awareness and opposition to totalitarianism, Stalinism, fascism, and social injustice.

By concentrating on essays along with fiction, according to Hitchens, writing in , Orwell was able to take on “the competing orthodoxies and despotisms of his day with little more than a battered typewriter and a stubborn personality.”2But what makes Orwell stand out from the other great humanists of the 20th century, and why he should matter to you, is the way he took that stubborn personality of his and used it to tackle many of his own despotic and prejudicial inclinations.


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