Power Electronics Research Papers

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Every co-authors bear the full responsibility for any legal issues. * How to obtain a license to reuse copyrighted material from the copyright holder website. The KIPE employs a web-based manuscript submission portal for the peer-review. Each manuscript is peer-reviewed by at least two anonymous reviewers who are specialized in the field of power electronics. The authors will be notified in advance of page charges. Authors must commit to paying page charges before the publication. At that point, a special format will be required for the publication.

All the original conference, workshop, or symposium papers and dissertations should be referred in manuscript. All manuscripts should be in an electronic format (only '.pdf' files) and less than 10Mb. Lassen, "Sensorless control of two phase brushless dc motor," U. Your final manuscript for the publication must contain author biographies and photos and be saved in MS-Word (‘.doc’ file) which is less than 10Mb.

Also in cover letter, mention as to which contents in the manuscript have been improved from the original conference paper.

Any violation of the rules mentioned above may cause an infringement of the copyright as well as a self-plagiarism. For applying these, you can download the template file for review below.

Please include a phone number, fax or e-mail address in case you need to be notified of any changes in your order. To comply with the KIPE copyright policy, authors are required to sign the KIPE copyright agreement form before publication.

Orders must currently be made by printing our order form and faxing or mailing it to us. This form is provided upon approval of the manuscripts.The title and abstract of the paper should be different and at least 30% of the contents (introduction, main body, conclusion and references) should be modified with new ideas and improvements. higher than 30% in terms of text) between the original conference paper and the submitted manuscript is found through the plagiarism detection software, the manuscript will be returned or rejected immediately.Authors should clearly indicate at which conference, workshop or symposium the manuscript has been presented for the initial submission.Before submitting a manuscript, please confirm the , John Willey & Sons, chap. • Original Paper: Original research articles on the wide areas of power electronics and its applications.• Invited Paper: Articles which are invited to submit from the Editorial Committee of journals.The journal is open to submission from scholars and experts in the wide areas of power electronics and electrical drives from the global world.The scope of the journal includes all issues in the field of Power Electronics.However, the corresponding author's information must be entered into the JPE authors' page, when you submit a manuscript. After proofreading and editing of the final manuscript by the KIPE and prior to publication, the KIPE will send the page proof to the corresponding author for the final editing. If you need more information, please contact the KIPE by email ([email protected]).It is the author's responsibility to ensure that the submitted files are fully viewable and in the intended format. accepts original papers of research articles, invited papers.The first issue of Journal of Power Electronics (JPE) was in April 2001.JPE is the official publication of the Korean Institute of Power Electronics (KIPE).


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