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” ― “As we drove back to Enugu, I laughed loudly,above Fela's stringent singing.I laughed because Nsukka's untarred roads coat cars with dust in the harmattan and with sticky mud in the rainy season.Besides, humility had always seemed to him a specious thing, invented for the comfort of others; you were praised for humility by people because you did not make them feel any more lacking than they already did.

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It is like telling a crawling baby who tries to walk, and then falls back on his buttocks, to stay there.It is the story of discovering oneself amidst cruel peers and crueler parents in a seemingly brutal and uncaring world.The allegory between personal and national identity elevates this story from a typical narrative of adolescent angst into a thoughtful analysis of the formation of self; further, it does so in a way that dissipates some of the isolation that typically marks adolescence, allowing a reader to belong to a larger world. Andrade (2011) refers to both of Adichie's novels (2003's follows the "well–worn theme" of "the colonial invasion of Africa in the late nineteenth century and the consequent cultural conflict between the colonising power and the colonised other" (p.Fifteen–year–old Kambili and her older brother Jaja must face political unrest, uncaring classmates, and a strict home life.They also must deal with a father whose severe abuse will leave lasting scars—both physical and emotional.It was then that I knew that the white man was mad. I carry them around because they are long and detailed, because they remind me of my worthiness, because they tug at my feelings.Some months ago, he wrote that he did not want me to seek the whys, because there are some things that happen for which we can formulate no whys, for which whys simply do not exist and, perhaps, are not necessary.Ogaga Okuyade (2011) refers to such authors (Okey Ndibe, David Odhiambo, and Unoma Azuah among them) as "new wine in antiquated kegs . explores the issues of ethnic tensions and political unrest in Nigeria as parallels for coming of age and issues of identity definition.The story, although set in Nigeria, is common to adolescents from other times and places—a perspective supported by the fact that it has been translated into languages as disparate as Lithuanian, Polish, Castilian, Turkish, and Malayalam.When the siblings visit their aunt, a woman who is the polar opposite of their authority figure at home, they begin to ask hard questions about the correctness of how they have been raised; they avoid becoming small mirrors of their father, instead blossoming into their own individuality.Through political turmoil and their father's murder, Kambili and Jaja Achike leave childhood behind.


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