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Employers are finding that lack of child care is a barrier for qualified workers and the cost of providing benefits by either sponsoring child care centers in or near the office outweighs the cost. Child Care centers can work with local employers to set up direct financial assistance, discounts for child care, trade outs or other co-operations.

As many as 73% of companies with $1 billion or more in revenue provide some kind of child care benefits.

This snapshot will focus on the daycare centers typically serving 50 to 100 children and falling under government regulation.

The most common Day Care Center target market is primarily married, working couples/parents, single working parents, and unmarried partner households.

As most of the children are under the age of 5, parents want to know that the child is not only safe but in an environment that will help promote his or her growth.

It should go without saying that all the federal, state, and local laws and regulations are met without condition.

With the day care providers’ consent, a camera is placed in the center allowing still screens to be taking every 30 seconds that can be viewed online with an access code.

There have also been new advances by cell phone providers, giving older children the ability to instantly establish a video connection with their parents at any time they wish.

However, the steady demand for such centers has yet to be fulfilled, leaving room for growth in the billion market.

For many parents, the thought of child care is alluring; however, they find themselves afraid to leave their child in the arms of a stranger.


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