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It should contain an explanation of the larger historical concerns which make your topic worth doing.

You will also be able to present questions that you will be asking of your sources. A PRELIMINARY OUTLINE should be included with the prospectus. The outline should not be TOO detailed but it should offer general topics and subtopics.

It may be more beneficial for you to check on the site of the educational institution that you are attending, however.

If you use your own school, you will see examples of papers that have already been submitted and graded.

Cite those sources, and document them at the end of your prospectus on a Works Cited page.

The prospectus should be typed, double-spaced, preferably about 10 pages in length or more, exclusive of preliminary outline and bibliography. The PROSPECTUS is a formal statement about your chosen topic of research. Whoever will be supervision your dissertation would want to see what you intend to achieve at the end of the day.This is what makes a study viable, so it should be captured under the objectives and goals. What is the purpose of your paper; that is, what will this paper do for the reader? What major question(s) do you hope to answer in this paper that pertain to your purpose? What is your proposed outline or organization (e.g., what will you discuss first, second, third,etc.)? Lastly, it asks you to present some tentative conclusions and perhaps a thesis. It should enable you to approach your topic and present your material in an effective, organized way. This should include the number of weeks or months you expect each stage of your labors to cover. Remember that it is tentative; you will revise it as you proceed. The last part of this prospectus is a more detailed WORKING ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY composed of two parts: sources which you have in your possession, and sources which you have not yet obtained but intend to use. The question is, are you supposed to upgrade your writing skills or the previous endowment is just enough for advancement?Well, as you move forth to even advance stages of learning, writing remains the epitome of learning as will always be demonstrated in dissertation and thesis writing.Remember that your prospectus is a planning document; while it will provide the foundation for your finished presentation or paper, it is not intended to be the presentation or paper itself, or to state exactly what your presentation or paper will say (that is, it is not an abstract of an essay already written or a presentation already given, but an of what will come based on the preliminary research you’ve done). You will discover as you do further research that you might need to make changes to your initial plan and to your working thesis (sometimes substantial ones).


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