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Diabetics need to eat servings from each group, except the fat, sweets, and alcohol group, every day.Your research paper will want to include the following information to fully cover the disease of diabetes.Diabetes, at its simplest explanation, is a condition in which the body cannot metabolize food properly.The liver stops producing glucose when insulin levels are high but instead stores it until insulin levels drop. Blood glucose cannot enter cells and is instead dumped into urine.Four hours after a meal both blood glucose and insulin levels are low. The liver and muscles are damaged when they are not supplied with sugar Diet plays a role in both the prevention and management of the disease.Most of what we eat is either forms of carbohydrates or proteins. The pancreas is then signaled by beta cells to secrete insulin.The process of digestion breaks them down into glucose and amino acids, respectively. This chemical is at its highest level ten minutes after eating.However, sugar does not contain necessary vitamins and minerals.In summary, diet can be used to manage the disease, but extreme measures do not need to occur.People with the illness should examine how fruits affect their bodies.They are important for vitamins and minerals but probably should be taken in moderation. Protein should be taken in greater quantities than the general public.


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