Research Proposal On Hiv Aids

While the Black Death was the first of these types of catastrophic epidemics, it was not the last.

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The AIDS crisis is at the point where the disease is destroying any hope for the country of Africa to develop into a prospering state. In one theory it is believed that the disease originated in Haiti and was transported to Africa in the mid 1960s when a large number of Haitians immigrated to Zaire.

In another prominent theory, however, it is believed that AIDS originated in Africa by means of a virus similar to HIV found in the African green monkey.

Problem Twenty years ago, the subject of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), which has been found to be the cause of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), would not have been the topic of a major and serious worldwide catastrophe.

Twenty years ago, people were not phased by the effects that would be caused by this ever so populating disease, and no one would have ever realized that this disease would not be curable or helped without expensive medicine.

Without much needed assistance, Africa may lose this war against not only its people, but also its economy, which could lead to political downfall.

Background Lessons from history make the problem of the AIDS epidemic more comprehensive.

Wherever it appeared, it tested the efficiency and resilience of local administrative structures.

It exposed relentlessly political, social, and moral shortcomings.

One of the first epidemics of time, the bubonic plague which was also paraphrased as the Black Death, began in 1346.

Wiping out more than one-third of the total population in Europe, the Black Death caused blotches or boils on the body that were spread from the bite of a parasitic flea living on the black rat.


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