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The Aboriginal communities were also deeply affected by the IRSS because of the physical and psychological abuse their members went through.During the 117 years of the program, the Canadian government and the Church, respectively mandated to administer and run the residential schools, were abusive, violent and mistreated the children under their responsibility.Thus, in 1857 the Gradual Civilization Act was passed to assimilate natives.

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If you have a paper that you think resonates well with our mandate please consider submitting a paper to us.Most of the children in the residential schools were victims of sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual torment, public humiliation and punishment for cultural expression, living in military and prison-style discipline (Gray, 2011).Approximately two thirds of all Aboriginal people in Canada have experienced trauma directly resulting from the abuse imposed on them in the IRSS (Quinn, 2007). In the residential schools, the indigenous child could be victim of sexual assault by men or women in authority (Chrisjohn & Maraun, 1997, p.31).In the apology, Harper recognized that the residential schools were wrong, harmful and damaging to the students.Liberal leader, Stéphane Dion, NDP leader, Jack Layton and Bloc Québecois leader, Gilles Duceppe also made statements apologizing for the residential schools.In fact, in 1879, the IRSS was mandated as a constitutional obligation to "educate" Indigenous children (Gray, 2011) and "to kill the Indian in the child" (Hanson, 2010).The whole IRSS program was "based on the assumption Aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal" (Hanson, 2010).It has been frequently used in discussions surrounding the Idle No More movement during the winter of 2012-13.But the term has a longer history in discussions in Canada concerning Native-newcomer relations.By assimilating the aboriginal children into the lower fringes of mainstream society, they hoped to diminish or abolish native traditions within a few generations.Schools run by churches upon government funding were created in order to separate these children from their homes.


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