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Zillow’s Bret Calltharp, a former training leader for a large brokerage group, saw his agents’ business increase by an average of 27% when implementing a business plan for the first time.A critical part of real estate business planning is determining your breakeven point.

How many homes must you sell at your average commission rate to break even by your target goal?Every agent needs a plan to succeed; a real estate business plan keeps you accountable and on track.An optimal business plan for real estate agents includes firm goals, but it’s also fluid — you’ll want to update your real estate business plan as you grow and the market evolves.For our purposes, we’ve used a length of three years.Few agents are able to fully develop their business in only a year, while planning five years into the future can be very speculative.A real estate business plan allows you to stay current with market trends and ahead of the competition.It also helps you track results over time, test lead generation strategies and develop new marketing approaches.The plan should be flexible enough to allow your business to pivot with internal and external forces.Note: The length of business plans vary, but they generally outline between one and five years.In the past six years, the housing market for first-time buyers in the Pacific Northwest has grown an average of 3% annually.This percentage is expected to grow due to millennials — the biggest group currently purchasing their first homes — being attracted to the region’s stable and growing tech industry.


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