Save Energy Save Nation Essay

Identification of energy saving opportunities must be carried out in a systematic manner so that it can be shown that the initiatives proposed are those which will yield the greatest benefits.

There will be many instances where the installation of more modern equipment will be so beneficial that the replacement of existing equipment before its normal end-of-life will be justified by savings on running costs.

Experience gained by monitoring the performance of new plant and comparing with it older plant will provide useful data.

Energy saving initiatives reduces operating costs and therefore increase the revenue available for investment and so deserve a very high priority.

Electricity is by far the most expensive form in which an organization buys power.

The available savings in energy costs are substantial and accrue over the whole of the life of the installation.

Electrical energy is undisputedly the most vital element for industrial growth of any country.The efficiency of electrical equipment has always been assumed to be high and the amount of electrical energy that is wasted in commercial and industrial environments is usually greatly underestimated and is often assumed to be unavoidable.In fact, the efficiency of electrical equipment can be improved easily at low cost and because of the quantity of electrical energy used, this will yield substantial savings.Business usually give lower priority to cost reduction from energy savings than they do other business initiatives.Business expansion is usually given higher priority, but the capital for this has to be provided from the profit from the existing business.The various principles involved in energy conservations are: (i) Optimal control.(vii) Examine energy conservation opportunities.(viii) Energy storage facilities.More than 8% of the electricity you buy is probably wasted due to the design of your equipment and the way it has been installed.Careful and systematic monitoring will be required to identify energy saving opportunities.It is essential that the energy demands and costs of every aspect of the business are well understood, so that areas of greatest waste can be identified and tackled and that solutions for one situation can be applied to similar areas.India is one of the many developing countries, which is suffering from acute power shortages.Almost all the states of India are not able to manage the demand from the three main sectors, viz., domestic, agriculture and industrial sectors.


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