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This paper will try to elucidate the emerging role of public health and health professionals in 2030 and beyond.It is also aimed at understanding the potentiality of the health systems, programs and policies and their possible impact on the future of public health and health education.A healthy population solely depends on quality public health and the professionalism of health education professionals.

The emphasis is on provision of care to those who are already ill rather than embarking on prevention mechanisms that ensure the environment is safe.

This poses the need for an emerging and expanded the role of healthcare and healthcare professionals.

Currently, the primary threats to public health include the impending threat posed by biological, chemical, and radiological terrorism, and natural calamities such as floods, fires, hurricanes, chemical spills, tornadoes, and accidents.

Also, there is the increased spread of infectious diseases, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, mental illness, substance abuse problem, rampant violence and environmental threats (CDC, 2005).

The emerging and expanded role for healthcare and healthcare professionals is the need to improve living conditions impacting on the community well-being.

Safeguarding the community from any kind of health threat is more beneficial and cheap than to commit resources in treatment.The inter-relationships of these standards are dynamic hence the most effective remedies and interventions to be embraced must address the determinants at all levels.It is vital to expand and bring in a new role for public health and health professionals before the public health becomes insurmountable.Those goals touch on the improvement of the living conditions, promoting communities of practice for professionals and collaboration during policymaking.The paper also identified the need for scholars to use their strengths to support and promote public health and health education.Therefore, the role of public health and health professionals has to expand to focus on improvement of living conditions since it creates a healthy community instead of focusing on provision of care for the sick.In the past, the health field has had a tremendous focus on the individual health.The review shows that the role of public health and health education professionals has to shift from provision of care to prevention through the creation of healthy communities.Based on the healthy people 2020, there is need to incorporate more goals into the healthy people 2030.Healthy People 2020 initiative expanded the emphasis to focus on enhancing the social and physical environments of health (CDC, 2011).The increase in the challenges towards achieving public health calls for the integration of prevention into the continuum of education as a way of trying to understand and improve health care.


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