Solve Integration Problems

Solve Integration Problems-40
They execute business functions, regardless of the how many internal systems the business function cuts across.

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Anyone who has been through an EAI deployment can attest to the fact that EAI solutions are a critical component of today’s enterprise strategies, but make IT life harder, not easier. In our opinion, anyone who claims that integration is easy must be either incredibly smart (or at least a good bit smarter than the rest of us), incredibly ignorant (OK, let’s say optimistic), or they have a financial interest in making you believe that integration is easy.

It’s a long way between the high-level vision of the integrated enterprise (defined by terms such as “Straight-Through-Processing”, “T 1”, “Agile Enterprise”) and the nuts-and-bolts implementations (what parameters did System. Even though integration is a broad and difficult topic, we can always observer some people who are much better at it than others. Since there is no such thing as “Teach Yourself Integration in 21 Days” (this book sure ain't!

From the customer’s perspective, it is a single business transaction.

In order to support common business processes and data sharing across applications, these applications need to be integrated.

As we design the solution to this example, we will express the solution using the patterns contained in this book.

At the end of this chapter you will be familiar with about two dozen integration patterns.However, this technical infrastructure presents only a small portion of the integration complexities.The true challenges of integration span far across business and technical issues. There are no simple answers for enterprise integration.By definition, enterprise integration has to deal with multiple applications running on multiple platforms in different locations, making the term ‘simple integration’ pretty much an oxymoron.Software vendors offer EAI suites that provide cross-platform, cross-language integration as well as the ability to interface with many popular packaged business applications.Vendors have learned to cater to this preference and offer focused applications around a specific core function.However, the ever-present urge to add new functionality to existing software packages has caused some functionality spillover amongst packaged business applications.This chapter illustrates how the patterns in this book can be used to solve a variety of integration problems.In order to do so, we examine common integration scenarios and present a comprehensive integration example.Creating a single, big application to run a complete business is next to impossible.The ERP vendors have had some success at creating larger-than-ever business applications.


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