Southwest Airlines Seat Assignments

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My suspicion for me is this: They know I regularly buy up when I have a B or C # so they automatically give me a high # to get me to buy an A1-15.

I hate to think this way but [Southwest] I assume, can be as mercenary as the next guy.

Everyone else is going to be ordered based on time of check-in.

And even paying for early bird check-in means it’s possible to get a low boarding position because everyone else on the plane could be ahead of you or have paid for early check-in too.

The price will depend on the popularity of the flight and the distance it goes."We're making this change so we can continue offering a product our customers love.

Of course, an increase in the price of a product is rarely welcome news, but as Early Bird increases in popularity, we want to protect the value it offers our customers."I'm not sure how increasing the Early Bird Check-In price helps Southwest continue to offer a product customers love.

The result was Early Bird Check-In, which automatically checks you in for your flight While this perk generated a ton of cash for Southwest (8 million in 2017 according to an article in USAToday), it apparently wasn't enough.

Beginning August 29, Early Bird Check-In can be purchased at prices ranging from - one-way per passenger.

Families with small children can board between groups A and B.

A reader who found themselves with boarding order C11 asked how this is possible — and wondered if Southwest was giving this to them because their algorithms show they’d be likely to ‘buy up’ at the gate to A1 – 15 boarding?


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