Steps To Solve Math Word Problems

Steps To Solve Math Word Problems-12
And not just in the “I’m emotionally tired” kind of painful. If you don’t have the equation, it’s hard to solve it.

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Use the formulas and/or equations identified in the previous step to complete the calculations.

Be sure to follow the steps you outlined while setting up an equation or using a formula. Once you've completed the calculations, review the final answer and make sure it is correct and accurate.

The first step to solving a math word problem is to read the problem it in its entirety to understand what you are being asked to solve.

After you read it, you can decide the most relevant aspects of the problem that need to be solved and what aspects are not relevant to solving the problem. Once you have an idea of what you're attempting to solve, you need to determine what formulas, steps, or equations should be utilized in order to find the correct answer.

They often jump right into calculations and computations without understanding what the problem is asking or what they're looking for.

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LD students may also struggle to understand the words or wording within math word problems correctly.

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The SQRQCQ method is particularly useful for children with learning disabilities and can be used effectively in special education programs.

SQRQCQ is an abbreviation for Survey, Question, Read, Question, Compute, and Question.


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