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Sell & Robson’s (1998) study into student life at the prestigious Oxford University found that out of the 318 respondents to the Questionnaire, a third felt that they were discriminated against due to their social class (not being invited to balls) ,despite enjoying the overall experience.In addition, 1/3 of female undergraduates had been sexually harassed or discriminated against during their time at university.There can be a number of reasons why students develop stress, personal factors that are unique to the individual are categorised by the demographic classification.

The housing where the student resides can influence health by introducing stress because of financial worries ((Naidu et al, 2002)).

Some studies do report that stress is higher amongst those who live away from home (33) as opposed to those who live with parents.

Age can be another contributing factor, with older students having more pressure to achieve a higher standard of academic performance when compared to younger students (Naidu et al, 2002), (Sanders et al, 1999)).

When starting university there may be changes taking place that are new to the individuals thus leading to stressors that can include an impact upon the health of the individual.

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The personal factors that students experience can have adverse effects on their health through stress.

These include the financial implications that can arise from the nature of being independent at university (Garbee et al, 1980), (Grandy et al, 1989) which can relate to the social class (Fredericks et al, 1967).

Although, in Li, Lin, Bray and Kehle’s 2005 study, it was clear that the some of the reasons for stress may vary cross culturally.

Their study found that the main cause of Anxiety among Chinese undergraduates was because of competition with other students and inadequate learning facilities, where as the factors affecting American students usually were due to relationship problems between the student and their significant other or parent.


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