Thesis Boot Camp Melbourne

The Thesis Boot Camp workshop is about getting words ”on paper” and is designed to help research candidates overcome hurdles in the final phase of their degree or to kick-start their writing progress if it has stalled.

This popular workshop returns to RMIT Friday 20 September 2019.

Veterans' Days recreate the Thesis Boot Camp magic, allowing you to find at least one day of uninterrupted writing time each month.

Lunch is provided, and a member of the Research Training team is there to talk to through any concerns you may have.

Research Skills and Training offer the following #ANUTBC’s in 2019: The #ANUTBC program is extremely popular and spaces are limited to 26 per camp.

Places are offered on a needs basis, as with everything that Research Training offers, our camps are an inclusive and safe space for all students to work.

The Australian National University (ANU) runs a Thesis Boot Camp (#ANUTBC) program based on a concept created and developed by Dr Liam Connell and Peta Freestone at The University of Melbourne.

Thesis Boot Camp at ANU is proudly sponsored by the Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA).

The concept of Thesis Boot Camp is disarmingly simple.

Put a group of people experiencing similar issues in the same room for a weekend, feed them regularly and provide a reward for each 5,000 words written.


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