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However, if multiple entry points (primary and secondary) exist easily within the same field of vision, they can be monitored by one data collector.Create ‘zones of responsibility’ on your map which outline the areas (including one or multiple entrances) that can be monitored by one counter. The number of zones of responsibility on your map is also the number of data collectors you’ll need to perform a visitor count.

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Once done, send out a call to your community and partners (if you are not using staff, board or paid collectors) and schedule an hour to prepare them for data collection by following the steps below.

Map Your Market: Create a map of your market by sketching its physical features. designated entry points), or secondary (i.e., between booths, or through an alley).

Counting visitors entering your farmers market requires planning and adequate personnel.

The number of data collectors needed depends on how many discrete entry/exit points that your market has.

You can collect a significant amount of data on the impact your market has on the land and the local economy through this method.

If using the vendor application isn’t possible, offer the questions in a stand-alone survey to your vendors at the beginning of the season.The market does not need to be a paid subscriber to FMM.However, any additional technical assistance or use of the online data management and reporting templates will require a subscription to FMM.Enter the time of the counting periods into the Visitor Count Record.Testing the count: If it all possible on at least one the counting days, try to to do what is called a full count (counting everyone entering throughout the entire day).So, if your market opens at am, counts will take place from am to am, am to am, and so on.If your market opens at am, counts would take place from am to am, am to am, and so on.That person should answer to the market manager or board and check in regularly about the data collection timeline and strategy.All notes and documents should be kept at the market office or filed as soon as possible to maintain institutional knowledge and history of the project.Some markets only use the full count method which reduces the possibility of over or under estimating attendance by basing it on a 20-minute window.That can be a problem for some markets which have a rush at the beginning of the market or in each hour but slower attendance later.


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