Thesis On Company Law

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Rai PDF Family Businesses, Choices of Legal Entity, Martina L.

Rojo PDF Sound Record Producers' Rights and the Problem of Sound Recording Piracy, Stanislava N.

Kahsay PDF Comfort Women: Human Rights of Women from Then to Present, Jinyang Koh PDF Imports or Made-in-China: Comparison of Two Constitutional Cases in China and the United States, Xiao Li PDF Taxing Emotional Distress Recoveries: Does Murphy Show the Way? Mahaseth Link The Land of the Free: Human Rights Violations at Immigration Detention Facilities in America, Caitlin J.

Mitchel PDF International Legal Standards Governing the Use of Child Soldiers, Dorcas B.

Helling Income Tax Preferences to Foreign Investment in China since the Late 1970s, Xiaoyang Hou PDF Role of the World Bank and IMF in Issuing Loans to Russia: Responsibility, Tricks, Corruption, Mafia, and Important Use of Legal Enforcement, Elmira A.

Makova PDF Governance and Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises: the Use of Codes of Conduct and Litigation to Change Multinational Enterprises' Behavior, Maria Fernanda Matach PDF Free Movement of Goods: a Comparative Analysis of the European Community Treaty and the North American Free Trade Agreement, Pedro A. Antidumping Law and Practices against Korean Exports, Jinwook Choi Regulation of Hate Speech, Haiping Deng The Institutional Framework of the European Union for the Conduct of Foreign Affairs, Frederic Eggermont PDF Comparison of New Zealand and United States Securities Markets through the Looking Glass of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, Carla Natalia Gargiulo PDF Private Party Participation in the World Trade Organizations, Taehyung Im PDF Issues Regarding the Most Effective Tool of U. Bankruptcy Law, Zeenat Kera PDF Contracts and Electronic Agents, Sabrina Kis Historical Aspects of State Arbitration Policy, Elton R.

candidates produced a required thesis until 2007, with the thesis being replaced by an optional LL. PDF Some Important Causes for Settlement in American Civil Litigation, Felipe Forte Cobo PDF Universal Human Rights and Threat to International Peace and Security: The United Nations' Obligation to Intervene, Godfrey Mhlanga PDF Applicable Law Provisions in International Uniform Commercial Law Conventions, Paolo E.

Each paper is a substantial work of legal research and analysis on a subject selected by the LL. student with guidance from the director of Graduate Legal Studies and a School of Law faculty member.

Perichart PDF The Drafting Process for a Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Judgments with Special Consideration of Intellectual Property and E-commerce, Knut Woestehoff Trade-related Environmental Measures and GATT: the Conflict between Trade Libralization and Environmental Protection, Fang Zheng PDF The Question of Non-trade Issues in the WTO from a Developing Country Perspective, Cecilia Alzamora Cybercrime, Karissa Ayala PDF Protection of Children from Exploitation in West Africa: Illusion or Reality? Lanier Regulating Non-territorial Commercial Environments in Territorial-based Legal Systems, Pedro Martin G.

, Afua Brown-Eyeson Legal Structures of European Security and Defense Policy and War Powers under the U. Less Andrade PDF Unilateral Refusals to Deal in Intellectual Property as Monopolistic Conduct, Bolanle Meshida PDF Comparative Analysis of Federal Income Tax Imposed on U. C Corporations and Russian Joint Stock Companies, Alina Y.


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