Thesis Paper On Optical Fiber

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Then an AR image of the terminal matrix is drawn on the monitor based on a unique ID, and this can be used to direct the work.Also, because the state of the work is being monitored, the database can be built and updated autonomously.Optical access equipment extending outward from communications buildings is designed to be highly reliable and to withstand harsh environments.

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By establishing this technology, we will be able to use it both to locate faults and to detect potential faults, thus providing preventative maintenance.

Communication services are provided through various types of equipment.

We have focused on measuring the round-trip times between an optical line terminal (OLT) and each optical network unit (ONU).

This approach is often employed with PON systems, and we have shown that we can convert the measurement data to an optical fiber length and map ONU MAC (media access control) addresses to the location of reflections at the end of an optical fiber.

However, this line illumination work would change significantly if such test signals could be injected at arbitrary locations. Now, however, in the optical broadband era, information flows nonstop, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via Internet, cloud computing, video distribution, and other services.

We are also studying applications for tasks such as checking the link status of a line, and for short-interruption optical media switching, which is described below. Therefore, the old approach cannot be used without affecting customers.The mechanism must assign a unique ID to each element of the equipment.We are conducting applied research on an equipment management system using image processing and augmented reality (AR) technologies as an effective means of achieving this.An example of the use of AR technology on optical patch panels in a communications building is shown in Fig. The optical patch panel has connector terminals densely arranged with 4 × 7 mm spacing.The positions of markers attached to the patch panel beforehand are captured with a camera.If this approach can be implemented practically, it will overcome one of the major difficulties with PONs.When a fault occurs, we use different instruments and systems to diagnose the fault in each transmission path (optical fiber) and transmission system.The research and development of optical fiber technology also has a history of roughly 40 years.The current optical broadband service infrastructure, which connects 17 million customers, is the result of developing technologies such as single-mode fiber, optical cables, optical interconnects, and operation and maintenance systems.Initially, optical fiber equipment was intended to create an optical fiber network that was as easy to handle as wired networks.However, to obtain high speed and a wide bandwidth, sophisticated skill or knowledge was often needed to build, maintain, and operate the equipment, and, depending on the amount of information being transmitted, the additional care resulted in time-consuming work.


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